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Nixa Tree Service

Nestled at the foot of the Ozark Mountains, Nixa is a thriving small community in the southwest region of Missouri. With the population nearly doubling in the last two decades, the town is home to several manufacturing facilities in industries such as plastics and train components that support the growing economy. In addition, this environmentally conscious community relies on a solar farm of approximately 72 acres to provide almost 10% of its power. That same focus on our planet’s health keeps the community calling The Tree Doctor for expert healthcare for the communities trees.

Owned and operated by a licensed arborist and tree surgeon, The Tree Doctor provides all of the Nixa tree services residents need to ensure the health and longevity of their valued trees. In addition to the typical tree services in Nixa, such as trimming and pruning, The Tree Doctor is also the go-to resource for tree assessments, diagnosis, and treatment of pest infestations, diseases, and other health maladies such as lack of nutrients. Call (417) 323-6775 for a phone consultation or to schedule a visit to your property from the certified arborist at The Tree Surgeon to ensure the health and value of your trees.

Skilled Tree Removal

Understanding tree structure and health is a significant advantage when it is time for a tree removal. The team at The Tree Doctor recognizes the structural defects and weaknesses that can make tree removal very hazardous. So when you have a tree that is leaning dangerously or has suffered severe storm damage, the pros at The Tree Doctor are the ones to call for a safe and uneventful tree removal and complete cleanup at a fair and reasonable price.
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Superior Commercial Tree Services

Tree health is often overlooked on commercial properties as management is concerned about the added cost of these Nixa tree services and fitting them into the annual budget. However, the experts at The Tree Doctor want property managers to understand that the investment in professional tree health care will save time and money over the life of the tree. In addition, added fertilization, pest treatments, and addressing diseases cost only a fraction of tree removal and replacement.

Your Local Resource For Storm Prep And Cleanup

Storm prep is one of the most valuable Nixa tree services offered by the arborist-guided team at The Tree Doctor. Our horticulturally based best practice trimming and pruning will prepare your trees to better handle high winds and damaging storm conditions. In addition, thinning the canopy and balancing the growth around the trunk will increase stability and reduce the potential for devastating damage or an uprooted tree that must be removed.

Licensed Arborist Expertise

A strong understanding of the overall needs of a tree, the potential diseases that can strike, and the pests that prey on each variety of tree are only part of the knowledge base of a certified arborist. In addition, he is well-educated on tree structure and physiology to be able to assess the complete health of your trees and make diagnoses and treatment recommendations for any health concerns. This comprehensive knowledge and the broad range of skills make the arborist at The Tree Doctor the local expert for superior services and healthcare for all trees in the Nixa community.