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Excellent Arborist In Springfield, MO

Missouri homeowners who appreciate the beauty and value that mature trees add to their property know that water and a little trimming are not all their trees need to remain healthy and thrive. So when you want the best from your trees, you need to provide them with the best care in the Springfield, MO area. At The Tree Doctor, we do much more than simply trim and remove trees. Our services all focus on the overall health of your trees under the guidance of our licensed Springfield arborist.

It can be confusing to a homeowner or property manager to witness a tree begin to struggle. Leaves can start to fall, branches become brittle, and the tree’s appearance is clearly in decline. It is more than can be corrected with extra watering. The only way to discover why the tree is no longer lush and beautiful is a Springfield tree diagnosis from the arborist at The Tree Doctor. Call (417) 323-6775 for an expert assessment of any tree health concerns.

The Common Causes Of Tree Decline

Many people will blame a lack of water or a change in temperature when their trees begin to look stressed. However, that is typically not the case. A more severe issue may be plaguing the tree and will not be corrected without a professional diagnosis from a certified arborist in Springfield, MO. When the arborist from The Tree Doctor arrives, he will evaluate all the likely causes of your tree’s decline, including:

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Warning Signs That You Need To Call The Tree Doctor

Sadly, some homeowners wait until their tree is nearly dead before calling The Tree Doctor. So to assist our clients in understanding when to make the call for help from our Springfield arborist, we have compiled a list of warning signs of severe issues with your trees, including:

When you notice any of these signs of poor tree health, contact The Tree Doctor at (417)323-6775. Our pros have many services that can provide significant benefit to an ailing tree, including:

In many cases, professional tree diagnosis and treatment from an arborist in Springfield can save your valuable tree for a fraction of the cost of tree removal and planting of a new tree. In addition, it is essential to remember that even trees that appear healthy can benefit from a tree health evaluation. In addition, professional tree fertilization can significantly increase your tree’s overall health and longevity. So when you want the most value and beauty from your trees, call The Tree Doctor at (417) 323-6775 to provide the best tree healthcare possible from our licensed arborist.