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It is essential to understand that not every tree can be saved. In some cases, the tree is too severely damaged to survive or not pose a safety concern. In other cases, the tree has reached the end of its natural life cycle and should be removed for everyone’s safety. But the only way to make this significant decision is after an assessment from a certified arborist. The team at The Tree Doctor is happy to provide the information you need to decide if a tree removal is the right choice for you. In addition, our experts have the skill to safely remove any tree from your property without concern for damage to your home or the surrounding landscape.
Understanding the structure and needs of each tree variety is vital to properly pruning and trimming trees for maximum health and visual benefits. With years of education and hands-on training, The Tree Doctor team is here to provide customized trimming and pruning to encourage strong, robust growth of your trees while eliminating potential safety concerns. The investment you make in professional tree trimming and pruning will reward you with strong, healthy trees that will add beauty and value to your property for many years.
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As a tree service in Springfield led by a certified arborist, The Tree Doctor offers a complete line of tree care services for your commercial property. In addition to trimming and tree removal, our expert assessments, diagnosis, and treatments can provide cost-saving and lifesaving information that will eliminate the need for future tree removals and replacements. In addition, treating any ill existing trees is a far better investment than waiting for them to succumb to pests or disease and potentially create a safety issue on your property.
Properly thinning and shaping trees is one of the most valuable services offered by The Tree Doctor. Removing damaged wood, poorly formed branches, and dense growth onside the canopy all help to eliminate potential damage to your valuable trees during high winds and storms. In addition, the added air circulation and light that will enter the interior of the canopy will promote vigorous and healthy growth to balance the tree and produce maximum amounts of nutrients with the sun’s help.
As a licensed arborist, the owner of The Tree Doctor has the education and skills to assess and diagnose tree health issues before they result in a premature end to the tree’s life. Everything from the soil surrounding the tree roots to the amount of water and nutrients significantly impacts the overall health of every tree. In addition, pests and diseases can be to blame for a decline in the appearance and health of a tree. And only a certified arborist, and in this case tree surgeon, will be able to provide the diagnosis and treatment needed to save your tree and the cost of tree removal and replacement. So call The Tree Doctor at (417) 323-6775 to ensure the health and longevity of your valuable and beautiful trees in Springfield.