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Professional Springfield Storm Preparation & Cleanup

The tree care experts at The Tree Doctor want to provide all the essential information you need and the vital health care your trees need to thrive throughout the year. So it is crucial for homeowners and commercial property owners to understand the critical nature of Springfield storm preparation for their valued trees. As a team of tree care experts led by a licensed arborist, our staff is very well educated on the horticultural best practices for thinning and trimming your trees to ensure they are ready to handle any storm or weather challenges. Contact The Tree Doctor at (417) 323-6775 to learn more about our expert storm prep services to eliminate the need for storm damage cleanup in Springfield, MO.

Preparing Your Trees For Potentially Damaging Weather

When trees grow vigorously, they can become unbalanced, overly dense, and ill-prepared to handle the challenges of a Missouri storm. However, with a bit of help from The Tree Doctor, your trees will be in peak condition to weather any high wind or adverse weather. Our staff has years of combined experience thinning the canopies of dense trees, trimming to rebalance the foliage evenly around the tree trunk, and eliminating damaged growth that can become hazardous to the tree and your property during a storm.

In addition to enhancing the beauty of your trees and their durability in poor weather, canopy thinning provides another significant benefit. Proper thinning, or selective pruning as it is also called, allows ample light and air to circulate throughout the canopy to encourage strong branch and leaf production in the center of the tree’s canopy. This reasonably priced annual service provides significant benefits that will ensure the health, safety, and beauty of your tree throughout the year.

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When Storm Damage Occurs to Your Trees

If your trees did not receive professional storm preparation in Springfield, MO from The Tree Doctor, it is very likely that they will sustain some damage from high wind or a brutal storm that passes through the community. And when that occurs, please call The Tree Doctor at (417) 323-6775 for expert Springfield storm damage cleanup, trimming to mitigate the damage to your trees, or professional tree removal. Leaving tree damage uncorrected only increases the potential for more damage to the tree and possibly your property.

While you might look at a damaged tree and think tree removal is your only option, the licensed arborist at The Tree Doctor is the only one with the education and experience to make that difficult decision. So if you hope to save your storm-damaged tree, call (417) 323-6775 for an expert assessment from a trained tree care professional.

While the team at The Tree Doctor always prefers to provide exceptional Springfield storm prep for your trees, we know that not every tree can be saved from storm damage. So please remember, the licensed, bonded, and insured team at The Tree Doctor is also here to help when you need a pro to handle a tree removal or other storm damage cleanup in Springfield. Please get in touch with our staff at (417) 323-6775 to learn more about our arborist-led services and how they will benefit your trees.