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Trusted Commercial Tree Service in Springfield, MO

Having mature, lush trees throughout your commercial property adds curb appeal that will grab the eye of a potential client or tenant while also adding value to the property. However, those same trees can create safety hazards and quickly become eyesores when not professionally maintained. The Springfield commercial tree care experts at The Tree Doctor are here to help you get the most out of your tree care budget while providing the highest level of care to each tree on the property.

As a locally owned and operated commercial tree service in Springfield, MO with a staff arborist, our skills go far beyond simple trimming, pruning, and tree removal. Our arborist is here to evaluate your trees and help you make smart investments to extend the life of your trees and increase their overall health and value. Please call The Tree Doctor at (417) 323-6775 to learn more about the advantages of working with a certified arborist to protect the health of your trees, their appearance, and the curb appeal of your property.

The Rewards Of Horticultural Commercial Tree Service

Your trees, just like all living things, require some expert care to thrive. Humans visit a physician, pets go to a veterinarian, and your trees deserve attention from The Tree Doctor to ensure they are in peak condition. An expert tree evaluation is the only way to prevent costly damage to trees from lack of nutrients, disease, or damage from harmful pests. And preventative care or treatment of these issues is only a fraction of tree removal and replacement cost. In addition, our expert Springfield commercial tree service will:

The mature trees on your commercial property are significant focal points and are sure to have a great impact on the first impression your property makes on guests. Professional commercial tree care in Springfield from The Tree Doctor is the best way to ensure your trees’ health and beauty and take full advantage of that one opportunity for your property to make a stellar first impression.

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Why Select The Tree Doctor For Commercial Tree Service?

As a commercial property owner or manager in Missouri, you know there is no margin for error. You need to ensure that not only do your trees and property look great but that they are safe for guests, employees, and clients. Many believe that there is no way to eliminate the potential hazards that come with mature trees. High wind and storms can take their toll and leave you with fallen trees and hazardous tree debris. However, with horticulturally based tree care from the licensed arborist at The Tree Doctor, we all but eliminate those potentially costly issues. Our definition of tree care extends far beyond the appearance of your trees to include their complete health. So when you want to know that your trees will look great and remain as healthy and safe as possible, only trust the licensed arborist at The Tree Doctor for all your Springfield commercial tree service needs.