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4 Ways That Tree Removal Improves the Look of Your Lawn

Spring is a time of renewal. New blooms appear in your yard, and the weather changes. This gives you the perfect excuse to head outside and spend time with loved ones. You may not enjoy yourself as much, though, if you’re among unappealing trees that you need to remove. Take a look at these reasons to remove old trees and how this task, a simple job for an arborist, can revitalize your lawn.

1. Make Way for New Growth

Getting rid of old trees paves the way for new growth. Old trees can carry a lot of diseases that they spread to other parts of the yard via shared root systems. Dead trees often lean to one side and can exert enough force that they cause other trees to fall down. Removing them allows you to focus on the trees you want to keep — the ones that add beauty to your lawn.

2. Add Room for Landscaping

Have you ever thought about adding more landscaping to your yard but found that you just didn’t have enough room? Remove those old trees and revitalize your property. The extra space gives you room for all the flowers and other plants you love. You can use old timber to create raised garden beds that attract butterflies and other wild animals. It’s just as easy to lay down pavers to create a whimsical pathway. You might even connect the path to other parts of your lawn for entertaining.

3. Consider New Features

Removing old trees gives you room for other things, too. Do you love cooking for a crowd and having fun with friends? Design and build an outdoor kitchen where some of those trees once were. Make your grill or pizza stove the focal point. Add seating nearby so you can chat with your friends as you cook. Based on how many trees you have, you may even have enough room for a swimming pool or water feature.

4. Save Money on Maintenance

Maintaining your yard takes a lot of time, not to mention money. Tree removal helps you save time and money. You don’t need to pay someone to take care of your yard or waste your weekends on routine maintenance. It’s easy to replace those trees with shrubs or other plants that don’t require as much work. You can opt for taller shrubs if you want to add privacy to your property.

This spring, why not call the tree removal pros and let them cut down the trees that add nothing but trouble to your yard? You’ll get more room for landscaping and new features at the same time you save money and make way for new growth. If you’re in Springfield, MO and ready to say goodbye to one or more old trees, call The Tree Doctor to learn more about tree removal.

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