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Why Remove a Living Tree?

When many people think of tree removal, dead trees come to mind. Rarely does anyone consider that living trees sometimes must be removed. There are five reasons that tree care experts remove living trees.

1. You May Need to Save Other Trees

Sometimes, live trees can develop diseases, and these diseases can potentially compromise surrounding trees. If a tree care expert deems that a tree is too diseased to be saved, then it must be removed to prevent diseases from spreading to other trees. Have your trees inspected regularly by a licensed tree care expert to ensure your trees do not become a problem.

2. The Tree Can Cause a Safety Hazard

Sometimes, living trees can become safety hazards. When trees get old, their root structure weakens, and this can cause them to eventually fall and harm property and people. Additionally, trees begin to drop branches as they age. This also makes them a safety hazard since these branches can fall on people, cars, and animals. Finally, storms and other natural disasters can weaken the integrity of trees, making them candidates for removal.

3. You’ll Encourage Diversity and Restoration

Nobody likes to see old trees go especially if they’re still living. However, there are cases when trees must be removed to encourage diversity and restoration. Older trees don’t contribute as much to the environment especially if they’re near the end of their lifespan. These trees need to be removed to make room for younger trees that will contribute more to the soil and to the area. Additionally, removing these older trees will allow you to diversify the trees in your area, a practice that is beneficial for promoting the health of your local ecosystem and providing the nutrients that numerous species need to grow and thrive.

4. You May Need to Make Room for Construction

Sometimes, live trees are removed to make room for construction projects because they’re in the way. Professional tree removal services will be needed to remove the trees.

5. Eliminate Overcrowding

Sometimes, trees are planted together in close proximity. When trees are planted too close together, this causes problems with their ability to receive enough water and nutrients. To avoid overcrowding, some trees must be removed so other trees can have access to more nutrients.

If you need to have trees removed, and you reside in the greater Springfield, MO area, contact The Tree Doctor. Our licensed tree care specialists have the experience to handle all your tree needs, so you’re in good hands with us.

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