The Pros and Cons of Summer Tree Removal

house with a landscaped yard

Trees are a wonderful addition to any home, especially during the summer months. However, there are times when you’ll need to determine whether or not to remove trees on your property. Take a moment to learn more about the pros and cons of tree removal. Pro: More Space The first benefit of summer tree removal […]

Keep Your Trees in Shape to Prevent Unneeded Tree Removal

gardener pruning a tree

The trees in your yard have a lot to put up with! Hot summers, strong winds, cold winters and epic storms may put a lot of stress on trees with a thick canopy or trees that are getting older and becoming brittle. To make sure that your trees survive times of high stress, regular maintenance […]

5 Ways Trees Respond to Excess Moisture

Professional gardener pruning a tree

Trees are vital to our global ecosystem, providing life-giving oxygen and protecting our land from erosion. But when it comes to extra moisture, trees respond differently depending on the species. Some tree species thrive in wet environments while others struggle. Below are some ways trees respond to excess water. 1. Loss of Leaves Tree leaves […]

How to Spot Signs of a Tree in Trouble

tree branch with green leaves of affected closeup

Trees are an integral part of our environment and provide many benefits. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the signs that a tree is in trouble. It could be something as small as yellowing leaves or a bigger issue, such as visible fungus growing on the trunk. Here’s a guide to help you […]

Warning Signs of Tree Pests

Tree and root

If you’re a homeowner, you know that it’s essential to be vigilant when checking for signs of pests or diseases in your trees. A single tree pest can do a lot of damage, and before you know it, your whole tree could be infested. This article will discuss some of the most common warning signs […]

Helping Bent-Over Trees After a Storm: 5 Tips and Some Guidelines

Broken tree limb from storm damage laying on a lawn

Storms can destroy trees in the urban forest and harm other structures like homes, power lines, and commercial buildings. Tree storm damage falls into six categories: Each type of damage results from a complicated interaction between climate and tree issues. Most of the time, only the smallest tree branches are hurt, making damage relatively low. […]