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Keep Your Trees in Shape to Prevent Unneeded Tree Removal

The trees in your yard have a lot to put up with! Hot summers, strong winds, cold winters and epic storms may put a lot of stress on trees with a thick canopy or trees that are getting older and becoming brittle. To make sure that your trees survive times of high stress, regular maintenance is key.

Get New Trees Checked Regularly

As new trees take root, there’s a chance that the roots in the root ball won’t spread out into your yard. Once your trees are planted, get them checked by a professional after their first season. A root pattern that spreads out wide and deep will result in a healthier, more stable tree over time. If the roots stay tightly enmeshed, the tree may not survive strong winds.

If you notice that a new tree is sending up a lot of small suckers at the base, the plant may be root-bound. Quick action may still make it possible to save the tree.

Get the Canopy Thinned

Strong winds during a thunderstorm can cause a lot of damage if a tree canopy is thick. When the leaves drop, consider contacting a tree professional to make sure that problem branches are trimmed away.

Problem branches include those that rub against other branches. Other problem branches can include short shoots that quickly cause the canopy to become choked with leaves. A quality tree professional can trim these branches away, encouraging a more open growth habit and protecting the health of the tree.

Treat Tree Injuries Immediately

The most beautiful tree in the world isn’t worth keeping if it’s a haven for fungi that will harm your other plantings. As soon as an older tree suffers breakage or splitting to the heart wood, contact a tree professional to see if it can be saved with proper staking and intense fertilization.

Weather conditions can make the process of saving a cracked tree hazardous. Removing high branches that offer a great deal of wind resistance may be necessary to protect the healing trunk. Your tree professional can help you determine the best time of year to address any staking needs.

Remove Sources of Diseases or Pests

In generations past, it was common to plant entire neighborhoods with one species of tree. If you’ve got several of the same variety on your property and one of them is struggling with disease or blight, that disease will spread quickly. Intense treatment for that disease on all the trees on your lot may be necessary.

Keeping your trees healthy and strong with proper trimming and proactive tree care with the help of The Tree Doctor in Springfield, MO will help prevent premature tree removal, so call us today.

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