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How Business Owners Can Save Money Maintaining Lots of Trees

For businesses with luscious landscapes that encompass a considerable number of trees, the upkeep can often be expensive; however, there are strategies that business owners can implement to turn the upkeep of trees into an investment that will provide some major cost savings. Here are some strategies that business owners can employ to save money when they have lots of trees on their properties.

Schedule Regular Tree Inspections

Scheduling regular tree inspections is a proactive measure that can help business owners enjoy tremendous cost savings. Having an arborist routinely inspect trees can catch problems early before they balloon into something major that may potentially result in spending thousands of dollars on mitigation services. Problems can include pest infestations, spreading disease, or structural weakness. Inspections enable arborists to take targeted interventions that can prevent the need for emergency tree services, which can cost far more.

Emergency tree services carry high upfront costs. This is because of the urgency of the issues they are designed to remediate along with the specialized attention arborists must give to the issues at hand. The equipment used and the labor involved can also factor into the cost. For example, emergency tree removal services can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $4,000.

Routine Pruning and Trimming

Routine trimming and pruning keep trees healthy, and this can also prevent hazards. For instance, branches that are at risk of falling can injure people or damage property when they fall. Portions of trees that are infested with disease or pests can cause other trees to become sick, and this can be problematic since more trees will need immediate attention. It is understood that routine maintenance is much cheaper than paying for the damage that can result.

Tree-related property damage can cost tens of thousands of dollars to remediate. If the damage is serious enough, remediation services can cost $100,000 or more. Significant infestation of pests or disease can be exorbitant because it can cost $250 or more to treat each tree.

Save on Energy Costs

Arborists can help business owners save significantly on their energy bills by strategically placing trees on their properties. Deciduous trees can be planted in such a way that they provide shade during the summer months, which will reduce the need for heavily relying on HVAC systems for indoor temperature regulation. When winter comes, these same trees can aid in passive heating because they will allow sunlight to penetrate and provide warmth when the leaves fall. According to one U.S. Forest Service report, trees can help save approximate $2 billion on energy costs in the United States.

If you are a business owner who has a landscape that contains a considerable number of trees, you can save significantly by employing these strategies. For help maintaining your trees in Springfield, MO, call The Tree Doctor for help, and we will provide you with state-of-the-art commercial tree services.

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