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Why Do You Need to Storm Prep Your Trees?

Tornadoes, snow, and ice storms all pose a threat to your trees and other property in Springfield, MO and the surrounding area. If trees are not pruned properly before a storm, they will have a greater chance of breaking or falling. Trees that fall during or after a storm can damage your home and other property. They may even damage a neighbor’s property or even injure someone you love. Investing in regular tree care services will help you avoid storm damage and keep your family safe.

The Importance of Tree Health in the Face of a Storm

Taking action early before a storm hits could mean the difference between your trees surviving the next severe weather event or succumbing to its damaging winds. That’s why you need professional help from our expert team at The Tree Doctor.

We can help your trees and the rest of your property to better withstand heavy snowfall, high winds, and other severe weather events. Along with protecting your trees from storm damage, storm prep services will ensure that your trees are healthy. Even if they do suffer mild to moderate damage during a storm, healthy trees will be able to fully recover and remain on your property.

Money-saving Benefits of Storm Prepping

When you hire us to do your tree trimming in Springfield before a storm arrives, you’ll be reaping money-saving benefits in a number of ways. In addition to enhancing your property’s visual appeal, professional pruning and trimming protects your trees and paves the way for their future growth. Keeping your trees healthy helps them survive longer, thereby avoiding the cost of replacement.

Having healthy and properly trimmed trees ensures the security of your home from windblown tree branches or even an uprooted tree. Taking precautions to decrease pest invasions and disease keeps your trees strong so that they aren’t vulnerable to toppling during a storm.

While professional tree services do come with a cost, it is much less than you might have to pay for any property damage that might occur during a storm. A small investment in your trees today will prevent costly headaches down the road.

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