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Simple Maintenance Tasks That Will Keep Your Trees Healthy This Winter

The winter months can be frigid in Springfield, and that type of weather might wreak havoc on your trees if you aren’t careful. Even healthy trees could quickly die off if you don’t plan ahead and get them ready for freezing temperatures and dangerous winter storms. That is why all homeowners in the area should spend a little bit of time preparing their trees for the coldest months of the year.

Add Mulch

Mulch helps to keep moisture in and protect the tree’s root system from harsh winter conditions. Each year you should add a layer of new mulch around your trees. Mulch should be kept 3-5 inches away from the base of young trees and 5-8 inches away from the base of mature trees, and the depth should not exceed 4 inches.

Take Care of Rodents and Insects

While a few stray pests probably won’t kill off a tree when the weather cools off, an infestation could quickly begin to take over your yard if you aren’t careful. Termites and other pests will often try to create colonies and nests in the trees, and that type of damage will have disastrous results as the temperatures drop. At least once every two to three months, homeowners should contact a pest control company to have their properties inspected and sprayed. That simple task will greatly reduce your risk of an infestation that takes over your yards and potentially causes irreversible harm to your trees.

Fertilize Your Trees

Fall is the perfect time to fertilize your trees as well as the rest of the grass and bushes on your property. The extra nutrients that are in the fertilizer will help your trees withstand the harsh winter months when they don’t receive as much sunlight, and their growth begins to slow down. That being said, every species has slightly different needs, and that is why you should contact The Tree Doctor to discuss your fertilization options. Fertilizing with an improper mix of nutrients could potentially cause more harm to your trees and all of the nearby fauna.

Take Care of Your Trees With Seasonal Maintenance

Caring for your trees doesn’t need to be a complicated or expensive project that takes up hours of your time every few months. Here at The Tree Doctor, our team members can help you with all of your seasonal maintenance so that your trees thrive throughout the harsh winter months. If you are in need of pruning or tree removal, then we invite you to call us today so that you can speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable experts.

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