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Tree cut down in spring top view. The surface of the sawn tree

Stump Grinding Is a Great Idea This Fall

All Springfield, MO homeowners know the importance of maintaining their properties all year. Fall is a particularly useful time of the year to see what needs to be done with your home to keep it in good shape. Many homeowners know that their property has to be safe and look good at the same time. That’s why our stump grinding services can be of great help this autumn.

Remove Storm Damage

Storms are common in this part of the country. Heavy rain and wind can take a huge toll on your property. A single storm can knock down more than one tree on your property. After the storm is finished, it’s time to see what’s happened to your trees. You might notice that a tree has been killed and only a stump remains. In that case, you’ll want to contact us and get any tree stumps removed as soon as possible.

A Green Choice

Removing a stump can be done in many ways, You might choose to apply chemicals to the stump and dissolve it that way. However, such chemicals have many dangers. They can get into your soil and harm your property. Stump grinding is a much more environmentally useful option. When you grind the stumps, you’re left with a lot of wood. The wood that remains when the process is completed can be used for many other things, including mulch and firewood for heating your house.

A Fast Process

Stump grinding with our experts can be accomplished quickly. We’ll come to your Springfield home and examine the stump. We’ll then bring in our stump grinding equipment and use it to get rid of any stump you wish. The result is fast. This means you can quickly get rid of your stumps this fall with our help. Once we’re done, you can plant a new tree where the stump was previously located. Fall is great time to plant all sorts of new greenery. Our stump grinding services make it easier than ever to use all parts of your backyard and front yard.

Easier Mowing

Just like in the spring, you’ll need to mow your yard this fall. Stumps can get in the way. You’ll also need to remove lots of leaves and get them bagged. A stump can make it harder to move around your property and get rid of those leaves. That’s why it helps to have our stump grinding services on hand. We can get rid of all of your stumps for you. You’ll find it much easier to keep your yard in shape this fall once you no longer have stumps on your property.

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