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6 Tips for Trimming Your Outdoor Christmas Tree

A new Christmas tree is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the holidays. A properly cared-for outdoor Christmas tree should stay healthy and keep its traditional shape. Control the size of the tree and the density of the foliage by trimming your outdoor Christmas tree.

1. Christmas Tree Shaping

You never want to get a Christmas tree home and notice bald spots while decorating for the holidays. There are techniques that our arborists use to reduce or stop issues from happening. Symmetry while shearing creates a balanced form for your outdoor Christmas tree.

Shaping the compact foliage allows you to control the distance between branches to prevent bald spots. Pruning keeps the straightness of your outdoor Christmas tree and lets it hold a tree topper. Shaping your outdoor Christmas tree keeps the traditional look and the taper in the most aesthetically pleasing range.

2. Age of Tree

Your Christmas tree should be at least three years old before you think about shaping it. Shaping the tree keeps the traditional style for the holiday season and encourages new buds to grow. New buds only develop on branches with needles, so never trim branches past the foliage.

3. Pruning the Terminal Leader

The distance between the rings of branches determines how full your outdoor Christmas tree will look and measures the tree’s annual growth. Annual trimming of the terminal leader will control the distance between the rings of branches. Prune about an inch above the healthy buds, and be sure to remove any unhealthy buds.

4. Basal Pruning

Pruning the terminal leader reshapes your outdoor Christmas tree, while basal pruning helps to remove branches from the ground to the top. Creating a handle allows your tree to put less energy toward creating more limbs. Fewer future branches means you can decide the density of the foliage more easily.

5. Best Time to Prune

Christmas trees are evergreens and stay green year-round while shedding and renewing their needles. There are many times of year when you can safely trim your pine trees, but late spring and summer are the most common times. Pruning them in the fall lets you properly shape your outdoor Christmas trees for the holidays.

6. Avoid Infections After Christmas Tree Trimming

Our arborists will avoid cutting the top of the tree or main branches to protect your outdoor Christmas tree. Large, open wounds have a higher chance of infection from disease or frost. Cutting too close to the trunk can damage the tree’s healing abilities, but cutting branches at a 45-degree angle can stave off infection.

Trimming your outdoor Christmas tree helps it to keep its shape for the entire holiday season. By following the proper guidelines, you can decorate your yard for the holidays and keep your trees healthy. If you have any trimming and pruning questions about your Christmas tree in Springfield, MO, call us at The Tree Doctor today.

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