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Are Your Trees Ready for Winter this Fall?

Even as they shed their leaves and seeds in the fall, your trees are going through a significant internal transformation that prepares them for winter. It’s the perfect time for pruning, planting and transplanting because the environment is generally stable and friendly. This gives the trees just enough time to settle without producing a lot of new growth. As a homeowner or business owner who cares about the implications and opportunities of this season, you need to factor it into your tree maintenance planning.

Consider Snow and Ice

The safety of people and property is always the focus of residential and commercial tree services. That’s why you should keep an eye on any growth near buildings, outdoor facilities or utility connections. In winter, snow accumulation or an ice storm can bring branches down on power lines or the building itself, leaving you with few choices for dealing with the problem.

Remove Dead or Dying Growth

Whether it’s a damaged branch that simply isn’t recovering or the stump of a tree removed earlier in the year, fall is the right time to deal with it. Taking down a sick or dying branch might change the landscape a little bit, but it can ultimately save the tree’s life by diverting vital resources to where they’re needed. It’s also a good idea to remove stumps before the ground gets hard and the rotting wood has a chance to attract termites and other nasty pests.

Remedy Nutritional Deficiencies

The weeks leading up to the first frost of the year are some of the most active in terms of resource gathering. Trees tend to absorb less moisture and nutrients when it’s cold, so autumn is the right time to reinforce them for the months ahead. This is a good time to check the quality of the soil around the property and add fertilizer, compost or mulch where it’s needed.

Rely on Us for Professional Tree Care

Taking care of your trees is a lot of work, but the rewards are well worth the investment. Attentive maintenance practices can make your property safer for everyone and contribute to the long-term well-being of the trees. Healthy trees are less likely to develop diseases or succumb to pests and deficiencies, so always choose quality over quantity.

If you live in the Springfield, MO area and are serious about your trees, call us at The Tree Doctor to learn about our range of professional arborist solutions. Our team is ready to help you take advantage of the opportunities and address the challenges that come with your trees.

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