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An electric chainsaw is being used to cut down a tree that was killed by a hurricane in Florida.

With Trees, Letting Nature Takes Its Course Can Cost You Dearly

It’s often difficult to wrap your head around just how much a tree can weigh. Although the exact weight depends on the species, size, and other factors, the types of trees favored by homeowners tend to average around 2,000 pounds at maturity. However, some trees can have weights of between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds. Can you imagine the damage that a heavy tree could do to your home, fence, or other landscaping? Fortunately, there are several signs that warn you that you need to have a tree removed instead of waiting for it to fall.

Sparse or Little Foliage

Deciduous trees begin growing leaves in the spring, and then they lose them in the autumn before going dormant. If your tree is no longer producing its customary foliage, this could indicate that it’s dying. Pines and other evergreens don’t experience seasonal shedding, but brown needles, bare spots, or unusual foliage loss are signals that they are in trouble.

Insect Activity

Grasshoppers are notorious for eating the leaves of many species of trees, but they seldom inflict enough damage to kill a healthy tree. However, a more insidious family of pests exists, and these are the tree borers. Borers typically penetrate the bark to excavate a cavity in which to lay their eggs. Sometimes, the tunnel is so long that it encircles the entire tree. This is called girdling, and it can kill even the healthiest tree. Unfortunately, you may never notice that borers have invaded your tree until the damage becomes irreversible.

Signs of Disease

Although some diseases are easy to cure, others are almost always fatal to a tree. Serious diseases include root rot, many cankers, and some blights. In most cases, these afflictions will spread to the other trees in your yard. Removing the infected trees from your property is the best way to protect your healthy specimens.

Potential for Damage

If a tree falls during an ice storm or wind event, how severe would the damage be? Would it destroy your neighbor’s fence or playground equipment? Could it crash down on the garage housing your vehicles? How much of your structure might need to be replaced? Even if the tree is relatively healthy, you should evaluate the potential damage it could do if it falls or a main branch snaps.

Protect Your Precious Assets With Professional Tree Removal Services

Healthy trees are essential for the environment, but diseased trees can do more harm than good. Dying or infected trees can also present hazards that place your home and family at risk. Reach out to our experts at The Tree Doctor when you need tree removal services in the Springield, MO area. Our family business has an impeccable reputation.

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