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Tree Pruning Mistakes to Avoid and How to Choose a Reliable Expert

Tree pruning is a maintenance procedure involving the selective removal of parts of a tree or bush to promote healthy growth. The goal of tree pruning is to minimize the impact on the health and beauty of the tree while achieving your desired look. It also helps ensure safety for those nearby by reducing potential hazards like cracked branches. Correct pruning can increase a tree’s lifespan by slowing the rate at which it grows, limiting wind stress, and reducing exposure to disease.

1. Excessive Pruning

One of the most common mistakes is pruning too much. While professional arborists usually have the experience and training to avoid this problem, it is common for homeowners to over-prune. This is usually attributable to a lack of understanding of tree biology and anatomy. The most important thing to remember when pruning a tree is that you can’t “improve” its shape by cutting off branches that you don’t like. Selective pruning and proper branch structure improvements are the only ways to achieve your desired look.

2. Poorly Situated Landscaping

Poorly situated landscaping can make it hard for an arborist to provide high-quality tree care. Trees should be planted in such a way that their positioning allows for the best sun exposure and encourages them to grow away from obstacles that may block light or ruin their shape. This includes buildings and electrical wires. It’s also essential to ensure that surrounding plants are appropriately maintained and won’t block sunlight from reaching a tree’s leaves.

3. Improper Equipment Use

When using power equipment and tools, they must be handled correctly. Improper equipment use can cause injury to the operator or damage to the tree, which will make it harder for an arborist to fix the problem. It’s essential to keep in mind that using a chainsaw on a tree can cause far more damage than using hand-held pruning shears. The goal of using such a tool is to not injure the tree in any way while avoiding overworking yourself and wasting valuable energy.

4. Insufficient Cleanup

Sanitation is one of the cornerstones of good tree care. This includes removing dead branches and leaves from around the tree’s base, which can help prevent insects, disease, and mold from forming around the plant. Removing branches that storms or lightning strikes have killed is essential, as these could potentially fall on objects or people in the surrounding area.

5. Not Seeking Assistance From an Arborist

Many do-it-yourself tree care tutorials can be found when performing an Internet search, but these should not be considered a substitute for professional help. With proper training and certification, it’s possible to evaluate a tree accurately and know how best to treat it for optimal health. Seek a professional who can assess and treat your tree in a manner that will yield the best possible results.

A healthy and beautiful landscape is a great way to enhance your quality of life. Experts are available to help you, and it’s essential you choose the right ones for the job. Seeking out trained tree professionals is an investment in your home’s future. If you need trimming and pruning services in Springfield, MO, contact us at The Tree Doctor today to schedule an appointment.

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