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Avoid Major Storm Damage to Your Property by Trimming Your Trees Properly

Major storms are a part of life in Texas. As a homeowner, you prepare yourself and your home for these events, but you may not realize how important it is to get your trees ready for severe weather. Inspecting your property and hiring a professional tree-trimming service company ensures the safety of your home.

Inspect Your Trees

Start by taking a walk around your property. Pay close attention to the condition of your trees. Look at the trunks, bark, roots, and branches. You’re looking for damage like bare foliage, root rot, loose branches, insects or termites, and leaning trunks. These are all warning signs that your trees may not make it through a big storm. Once you have a good idea of the condition of the trees on your property, you can call a professional tree service company to remedy any problems before severe weather strikes.

Routine Pruning

If you have your trees pruned professionally on a regular basis, you’ll be able to reduce the likelihood of storm damage. Simply thinning out the canopy makes large trees much safer during a high-wind event. You’ll also want to have weak and dead branches that could come down during a major storm removed, along with any branches that are too close to your home or the power lines. This will greatly reduce the chance of storm damage to your property. Your professional tree service company will also remove low branches that create instability.

Ongoing Care

The best way to prepare your trees for a storm is to care for them all year. Healthy trees are less likely to cause damage when the wind picks up. Make sure they are getting the water and fertilizer they need, and mulch around the base of each tree to hold in moisture. This prevents drought stress, which causes the root system to weaken.

Why Hire a Professional Tree Service?

Professional tree service companies know exactly how to trim and prune trees in a way that makes them able to stand up to the force of a major storm. When you try to prune your trees yourself, you could make some common mistakes, such as lion-tailing the branches, or you could inadvertently flush-cut them. These easy-to-make mistakes will weaken your trees.

To ensure that your home and property make it through the next major storm safely, get your trees ready now. Professional trimming and pruning can keep branches and trees from causing severe damage. If you want to ensure that your Springield, MO home and property will be safe during the next big storm, contact The Tree Doctor today for our trimming and pruning for storm preparedness.

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