Summer Tree Trimming Takes Careful Monitoring of Wind and Heat

Worker trimming branches with saw

Getting your trees checked out once the leaves have sprouted is an ideal way to make sure that any dead or dying branches get removed. Because a fully leafed-out tree will face more wind impact, it’s important to work with a skilled professional who has the know-how and the tools to safely trim trees in […]

4 Ways That Tree Removal Improves the Look of Your Lawn

Cut tree

Spring is a time of renewal. New blooms appear in your yard, and the weather changes. This gives you the perfect excuse to head outside and spend time with loved ones. You may not enjoy yourself as much, though, if you’re among unappealing trees that you need to remove. Take a look at these reasons […]

6 Tips for Trimming Your Outdoor Christmas Tree

forestry worker at work

A new Christmas tree is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the holidays. A properly cared-for outdoor Christmas tree should stay healthy and keep its traditional shape. Control the size of the tree and the density of the foliage by trimming your outdoor Christmas tree. 1. Christmas Tree Shaping […]

Are Your Trees Ready for Winter this Fall?

Even as they shed their leaves and seeds in the fall, your trees are going through a significant internal transformation that prepares them for winter. It’s the perfect time for pruning, planting and transplanting because the environment is generally stable and friendly. This gives the trees just enough time to settle without producing a lot […]

4 Tips to Promote Tree Growth and Fruit Production During the Summer

gardener pruning trees with pruning shears on nature background.

Summer is a time when many people go outside to enjoy the warm weather. However, it is also a time when the trees are most vulnerable. The warm sun and dry air can cause trees to wither and produce less fruit. With care, many trees can survive the summer and produce fruit again. 1. Plant […]

8 Benefits of Removing Stumps in Early Spring

Stump of old birch tree on the lawn in the garden

The best time of year to remove tree stumps is early spring. The ideal weather will allow the wood left after removing the stump to dry well and rot away, preventing unwanted insect or animal issues like termites or carpenter ants from forming in your soil. Removing tree stumps is an important part of maintaining […]

Why Remove a Living Tree?

People strolling on Walkway in autumn forest with colorfull fall foliage in hazy conditions.

When many people think of tree removal, dead trees come to mind. Rarely does anyone consider that living trees sometimes must be removed. There are five reasons that tree care experts remove living trees. 1. You May Need to Save Other Trees Sometimes, live trees can develop diseases, and these diseases can potentially compromise surrounding […]

What Sort of Damage Can Winter Do to Missouri Trees?

Broken tree trunk and branches after a freezing rain.

It’s true that in the wild trees can endure decades and even centuries of Missouri’s often cold winters. Still, the trees on your property have an advantage — they have you to take care of them! The following are some types of weather systems that can arrive in Missouri during the winter, the damage they […]

Simple Maintenance Tasks That Will Keep Your Trees Healthy This Winter

Man collecting fallen autumn leaves in the home yard

The winter months can be frigid in Springfield, and that type of weather might wreak havoc on your trees if you aren’t careful. Even healthy trees could quickly die off if you don’t plan ahead and get them ready for freezing temperatures and dangerous winter storms. That is why all homeowners in the area should […]